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Kaspersky One


Program available in: English

Program license: Full Version

Program by: Kaspersky Labs

Works under:Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Kaspersky One is a utility that connects all of the Kaspersky licenses on a computer in one spot, making the products easier to access.

The famed antivirus creator Kaspersky created this tool with one goal in mind: unite Kaspersky software. Before Kaspersky One existed, customers had to track individual license keys for each product. However, this program contains all these keys and manages licensing on the user's behalf.

It also serves as a dashboard to all the Kaspersky services to which a user subscribes. Users can get an overall health checkup on their computers simply by opening Kaspersky One. Within thirty to forty-five minutes, users can get a full scan of their computer and know through Kaspersky's advanced heuristic detection engine whether there's a high probability their computer has an infection or not.